Scott Thompson

Keyboard / Pianno

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Having Searched the world for creative genres, Scott has been taking new approaches to writing music since 1997. He started playing the piano at five years old, took classical lessons until he was eighteen, and played the trombone all through high school. At 16, he started sequencing and recording his own ideas and at 18, bought his first professional sequencer and synthesizer. Since then, Scott has been attracted to various styles of soundtrack music including heavy metal, rock, classical and pop. Each new composition of his must sound different than any one before it, and having recorded over 500+ tunes, Scott has a library of hundreds of instrumentals for film and video game placements.  Scott is an active composer for the Composer Collective, Honcho Games, Starwind Games, Keyboardist for Mournir, and assistant audio engineer for XOXO Entertainment corp and Songster music.


Scott studied Music Composition and Engineering at Selkirk college, Orchestration for film in Viena and World Music at the University of Nicosia. He continues to Study and put credits together at VCC (2018) in the music degree program majoring in composition.


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