LectureOwl Frequently Asked Questions


How does LectureOwl work?

LectureOwl is a platform that connects music students and teachers.  Students can use the website to find a music teacher who fits their needs.  For example: instrument, teaching style, price and availability.  Students can find a teacher that suits them, message that teacher with any questions, then schedule a lesson using the booking software available.  The student and teacher then meet over a chosen video conferencing system like Skype.


What are the hardware/software requirements?

You should have a computer, smartphone or tablet that is a recent model (3-5 years old approximately) Older computers usually can't keep up.  We recommend using a computer, as the screen is usually bigger and you have more flexibility with one. 

 A good internet connection speed above 1MBPS bandwith is highly recommended.  You can text your internet connection at speedtest.net.  The test will tell you your upload, download and latency speeds.  Upload and download speeds are how quickly things upload and download, and ping will tell you your latency.

It is highly recommended that your connection is a hardwired (e.g. ethernet cable) one as opposed to a wireless connection.  If you are experiencing latency or poor quality video chat with a wireless network, we recommend you bring your computer closer to the router, or try a hard wire connection.


What do I do If I can't make a lesson?

If you can't make a lesson it is your responsibility to send a message to your teacher explaining that you can't make the lesson and ask when the lesson could be rescheduled.  If you do not wish to reschedule you may cancel the lesson.  Cancellations are only accepted for valid reasons.


Do I need a webcam?

Yes, you will need a webcam, a computer, smartphone or tablet with a mic (or a separate microphone), your musical instrument of choice, and a good internet connection.


What do I need?

You will need a a webcam, a computer, smartphone or tablet with a microphone (or a separate mic), your musical instrument of choice, and a good internet connection.  You will also need to establish what video conferencing service you will use.  You will need an account or to have access to that videoconferencing service for the scheduled lesson.  Examples of video conferencing services are: Skype, Facetime, Google Hangouts, OBS, Vidyo, and Adobe Connect.


How often are lessons done?

It is up to you and your instructor to choose the frequency of lessons.  Some instructors will have rigid schedules, requiring you to take lessons at a certain frequency and others are very relaxed and will let you choose the pace.  Before you schedule lessons you can message the instructors you are interested in and see what they prefer to do.


How do I pay?

You can pay for your lesson at the time of booking using a credit card or internet debit.


When is payment due?

Payment is due at the time of booking.  You will be guided through a payment page, after you have scheduled your lesson.

What do I do If I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint about your teacher you may message them to see if it can be solved.  If you and the teacher cannot come to an understanding, or if it is a sensitive issue and you do not wish to discuss with the teacher you may contact support here.

OR if the complaint is website related you may contact support here.


How do we schedule times if my teacher lives in a different timezone than me?

The booking system is set up to show you times in your local timezone, if the teachers hours do not work with your own, you can message them to to see if they can make an exception.


What do I do if there is a bad internet connection and it prevents me from completing a lesson?

We encourage you to test your internet connection before scheduling a lesson to ensure you have good enough internet to make the lesson possible.  If your internet service quality is intermittent or if for some reason at the time of the lesson there is a disruption in service, you can contact your teacher to reschedule the lesson.  If the problem persists, it is your responsibility to retest your service, and if it is a problem with your internet you will need to improve your internet before the next lesson.  If the problem is on the teachers end it will be their responsibility to improve their internet connection.  If neither party is at fault and you no longer wish to take lessons with that instructor you may ask for a refund here.



If you have a question that has not been answered you can ask us here.