Federico Nasiff

Tenor sax, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar

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Federico is a true music lover, not only does he love listening to music, but loves playing and teaching just as much. He enjoys many different genres of music including: pop, rock, blues, jazz, and country. Some of his favorite musicians are Sonny Rollins, Brad Paisley, Richie Kotzen, Eric Johnson and Bryan Adams, just to name a few.

Besides music, he is a motorcycle fan and has made a few trips around Argentina and Uruguay on his motorcycle.

When not playing music or riding his bike, he loves watching TV series like the Walking Dead, and Money Heist.


Federico has earned himself a music degree at the EMBA school of music Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Federico has been teaching private music lessons for the past 5 years.


Federico Speaks English, Spanish, and basic French and Portuguese.

Federico will first ensure you understand some basic concepts about the instrument you are starting to play.  After you are done with that, he plans the lessons based on what you are seeking to learn.  For instance, if you want to learn how to read music, then he will focus on reading exercises.  If you are not interested in reading music, and instead want to learn some riffs or solos, then he will focus on that.  Depending on what you are looking for he can even mix in some theory concepts to improve your playing options.


Federico is a great and patient teacher. He made me feel very comfortable all over my learning process
I love his sax lessons. He obviously loves not only playing sax, but also teaching how to play it