Anton R. Tajanlangit

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My name is Anton Tajanlangit. I am the founder of the Canadian Piano Society based in Toronto, Canada. I am the National Director for Canada of the World Championships of Performing Arts, an international talent competition held annually in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. I own a music studio in Toronto, Canada called 88 Piano Keys Music Studio. It has a website,

I am a pianist, composer/songwriter, arranger, and music producer.

I have a Youtube channel,

I also have a personal website, where some of my works can be listened to.


I studied Composition and Piano at the University of the Philippines College of Music. I was accredited by the Trinity College of Music in London to prepare students in Dubai for their examinations. I am presently preparing students for the Royal Conservatory of Music exams in Canada.

I have been teaching piano for about 35 years now. Students come to me starting from a beginner level or starting from an advanced level, and they invariably come out knowing—and loving—the piano all the more than the first time we met. This is because I've managed to pass on to them my passion for the piano and what it can do to those who know how to bring out the best of this magnificent instrument.


I teach according to a student's goals. I, therefore, have to make a good deal of adjustments to my lesson plans. I do not mind going the extra mile for my students. If need be, I even do special music arrangements for my students according to their level of competence. I use Finale in order for the sheet music to appear clear and professional.

Students enroll in schools when they're willing to go through a school's curriculum. Some don't like this. I don't want to pressure students who don't want to be stressed with their music education but who only want to enjoy making music. I let them learn at the pace that's perfectly adapted to their lifestyles and capabilities. I always make sure that they understand every bit of what I taught them, and that they come out of each lesson better—in knowledge, skills, and insights—than when they came in.


My 7-year-old daughter and I have been taking piano lessons with Mr. Anton for 8 months now and we love our weekly lessons. Mr. Anton is friendly, patient and has a genuine love for music. He encourages proper technique, posture, practice, and discipline, but above all wants his students to truly love music and have fun. Mr. Anton also easily makes adjustments to lessons according to the interests of my daughter, which adds to her enjoyment. We are very happy to have found such a great music teacher. Thank you, Mr. Anton!
— Lisanne Skeoch, Professor, George Brown College
From the beginning, I found that Anton’s unique teaching method is effective not only in terms of improving piano skills but also in terms of understanding music through learning piano. His expertise and experience in ear training and music composition can be beneficial for a beginner or an advanced student who would like to get to the next level, and I can say that his effective teaching speaks for itself through my son’s great improvement. In less than a year under Anton’s guidance, our 13-year-old son who had very little piano experience prior meeting Anton has improved so much. Every week, my son looks forward to taking a lesson with Anton as he is self-motivated to improve his skill. Anton taught him not only piano skills but also how to be patient and stay dedicated. We have nothing but great experience with Anton and we would like to continue taking lessons with him. We would recommend Anton to anyone who is interested in learning piano and music.
— Kevin
Mr. Anton has been an amazing teacher despite my lack of hard work sometimes. He shows his patience with the things I do wrong and he helps me realize that music is a broad way to learn so many things in life. His lessons have helped me to achieve and learn things I never knew before that could be easier in time. He has taught me to be patient with myself and in developing my skills. He understands my goals and never forces me to go beyond what I want to achieve in music, but rather he gives me personal goals to go beyond my skills and I appreciate that so much. I enjoy my every lesson with him for he is a kind person and a happy person to talk with. He is an amazing piano teacher and vocal mentor!!! Everyone needs to sign up for lessons because you will not regret it!!!
— Mary Anne Malecon